Friedemodin is a niche perfumery in London.

Every collection tells a STORY, each fragrance within the collections is a chapter.

Inspired by a TIME and place, and with a deference to QUALITY and TRADITION, the story grows, the story harmonises, the story is Nina’s.

Friedemodin are ‘distillers of experience’


Friedemodin is a unique concept in the perfume world. Reliant on the expertise of the past as one might expect, the company is nothing if not timeless with a view to appealing to all ages and tastes. Working with the best fragrance creators is one important element but addressing the contemporary spirit of knowledgeable clients is vital too. These qualities emphasise the character of the company - sensual not remote, specialized not ubiquitous.


Nina Friede is the founder of London-based luxury perfume house, Friedemodin. Dedicated to creating unique and signature fragrances to be worn alone or over-layered, she is passionate about the subtleties of ingredients and treats them as elements in her search for sensual alchemy.

Born in Worpswede, a remote artist village in Northern Germany, art and literature inform her working process. 


Thomas Fontaine is an independent perfumer, founder of the creating company Pallida and the nose behind Jean Patou, Lubin and other fine fragrances. He graduated from the prestigious school ISIPCA at Versailles. Fine dinning and history are sources of inspiration for this archeologist of Perfumery.

Thomas Fontaine is the preferred selected in-house perfumer for Friedemodin working very closely with Nina to create contemporary and innovative new accords to capture the moments of each collection.


There is a fascination with being able to unlock inspiration. From the music box to an enchanted door, the key is the symbol of personal power and sets your feet on the path of adventure and mystery.

The key is the symbol of Friedemodin to suggest unlocking all possibilities.


Inspired by words such as craft, quality, lifestyle and rarity, Friedemodin positively encourages the wearer of its perfumes to be bold and experimental, translating elements of the autobiographies into selected scents. So it is as far from a branded shelf-locked product as one can imagine.

Emphasising the rarity and quality of the ingredients is the key so the actual key the motif of the company suggests unlocking all possibilities.

Friedemodin is more than a perfume brand. Friedemodin offers a world of experiences which includes:

  • High quality perfumes
  • Bespoke amenities for inflight and hospitality industry
  • Scented gifting ideas for weddings, birthdays and corporate events
  • Luxury centred shopping events

Please speak to Nina if you have a project  you would like to discuss