Lavish Gold


Lavish Gold


Unexpected, mysterious and enchanted; this moment is etched onto your mind’s eye forever.

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Lavish Gold

MIDDAY CHIMES. You enter the gate to a city of magical palaces and ostentatious temples. Opulent colour and soft exotic scents collide and ll your heart with wonder. Let your imagination unfold with every step you take, for there lies ahead an unexpected treasure. Painted columns and a feast of liquid gold dance before your eyes. Mosaics
line the walls and glow like sapphires. The moment of luxury holds
you captive.Where did your curiosity take you?You nd yourself in a mysterious palace, unexpected and enchanted. Ancient pillars line quiet waters. Shards of light beam through chinks from above and touch the water like diamonds.

This moment is etched onto your mind’s eye forever.


Eau De Parfum 25%


T Bergamot | Heliotrope

H Jasmine | Rose | Iris | Raspberry

D Vanilla | Patchouli | Oak Moss | Cedar | Tonka