An Uber Scented Travel Experience


Selling Points

Why your airline needs scented products and provides uber scented experiences to your passengers?

  • A unique differentiator giving an edge over the competition
  • Customised luxury products and services for an additional unique selling point
  • Scent is the strongest sense which triggers memories - what better way is there to use it in a bespoke way to enhance customer loyalty and your airline’s impeccable reputation
  • Create your own brand signature
  • Leave your passenger with an extra special memory of a wonderful flight experience.
  • Your brand stands for quality and luxury, Friedemodin will add to the luxurious experience providing your passenger with even more incentive to return and recommend your airline.


Create a scented environment for inflight – from lounge to plane to ensure your passenger feel special, welcomed and pampered.

An unique way to stand out of the norm as a top rated airline, bringing this special experience to your passengers and loyal members.


A bespoke Friedemodin scent exclusively selected for you. Take your passenger on a scent journey they will never forget but always remember. A great way to market your brand, gain press attention, word of mouth and a new loyal passenger base.


A scent released through the air conditioning. This gives your airport lounge the unique touch. It is a scent for recognition. Passengers remember the scent and will continue to identify it with your airline.


Diffuser machine for rooms, any size and space possible.

welcome reception

Hand a beautiful warm welcome to your passenger on the ground or on the plane. Personal treatment starts right here. A welcome or return gift for your loyal frequent flyers. Give more than other airlines do; give a customised and bespoke little extra to your passengers to make them feel special.


FM Miniature perfume.



Most travellers are business travellers travelling 90% of their time. They are the high-paying customers your airline profits from. Further through the liquid regulations on airports, travellers are limited to take their cosmetics nowadays easily with them. Therefore, to provide amenities and toiletries onboard is a keyelement. And you are a luxury airlinel that loves to give your passenger the treatment they deserve and you like to carry your signature throughout all levels of your company. The inflight section is the most important.

Passengers will remember an enjoyable stay on board and the extras they receive to use and take home to their loved ones. It is an important service and marketing tool to deliver it right. Give the subtle pleasure of true quality through a bespoke toiletry and amenity range exclusively developed for you along with Friedemodin. It is passion and luxury that sets you apart.

Commit to high quality, craft and timeless formulations and your passenger will for sure remember you.


FM retail perfumes to buy in the shop in partnership with your hotel.