An Uber Scented Experience 


Selling Points

Why your hotel group needs scented products and provides uber scented experiences to your guests?

  • A unique differentiator giving an edge over the competition
  • Customised luxury products and services for an additional unique selling point
  • Scent is the strongest sense which triggers memories - what better way is there to use it in a bespoke way to enhance customer loyalty and your hotel’s impeccable reputation
  • Create your own brand signature
  • Leave your guests with an extra special memory of a wonderful stayYour brand stands for quality and luxury, Friedemodin will add to the luxurious experience providing your guests with even more incentive to return and recommend you 


Create a scented environment for the hotel – from lobby
to room to ensure your guests feel special, welcomed and pampered. An unique way to stand out of the norm as a 5* hotel, bringing this special experience to your guests.


A bespoke Friedemodin scent exclusively selected for you.Take your guests on a scent journey through the entire hotel that they will never forget but always remember.! A great way to market your brand, gain press attention, word of mouth and
a new loyal customer base. 


A scent released through the air conditioning.This gives your hotel the unique touch. It is a scent for recognition. Guests remember the scent and will continue to identify it with your hotel. 



Diffuser machine for rooms, any size and space possible as long it has air conditioning.

welcome reception

Hand a beautiful warm welcome to your guest. Personal treatment starts right here.A welcome or return gift for your guest. Give more than other hotels do, give a customised and bespoke little extra to your guest to make them feel special.



FM Miniature perfume.


Boutique Shop

Showcase fragrances and products in the shop, for people to take home as a gift and share with others. Build brand recognition and strengthen the memories of your guests so they won’t forget their stay, they will share their experiences with others and they will certainly return.Word of mouth marketing. An additional revenue stream! 


FM retail perfumes to buy in the shop in partnership with your hotel.

the perfume & tea lounge

Transforming the classic Afternoon tea experience into an indulgence for the senses, pairing taste and smell in one element. The story develops with an infusion of the best nest teas from the Himalayas and the exclusive fragrance oils created by Friedemodin; the dishes infused with same avours and ingredients to be found in the scents. An uber experience that will not let you and them down.

Pairing two exclusive quality brands will grow your reputation and customer base 



A luxury tea lounge, offering fragranced tea experiences, afternoon tea and consultation sessions on demand, events of exclusive tea tasting and perfume smelling.


Promote your hotel through a collaboration with a luxury niche perfume brand from London. A new bar concept that will enhance your reputation, your marketing and brand awareness and it’s
a bespoke way to present rst class to your guests. Give your guests the experience of a special extra they haven’t discovered before.. 


A series of cocktails based on story, ingredients and scent.


Most travellers are business travellers who are staying for two to three nights.Through the liquid regulations on airports, travellers are limited to take their cosmetics nowadays easily with them. Therefore, to provide amenities and toiletries in the bathrooms is
key. But you are a luxury hotel that loves to give your guests
the treatment they deserve and you like to carry your signature throughout all levels of your hotel. The room is the most important.

Guests will remember a good night’s sleep and the extras they receive in the rooms. It is an important service to deliver it right. Rede ne the subtle pleasure of true quality through a bespoke toiletry and amenity range exclusively developed for you along with Friedemodin. It is passion and luxury that sets you apart. Commit to high quality, craft and timeless formulations and your guest will for sure remember you. 


Toiletries and bathroom amenities.



A celebration is coming up? Or you organise a client event?

The special extra and best marketing can be provided through scented customised gifting. A memento that will last long after the celebration has dimmed and your clients will remember. It is different than the gifts handed out before (chocolate, hamper, lavender bags!).Tie up with Friedemodin and create your own give away on the most luxury level. 


Scented Gifting, miniature perfumes in specialised packaging and customised to your needs.